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Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

Interview Process

1. Take home technical assessment (can be waived for folks with non-technical background). 2. 30 min Google Meet Interview with a couple of associates to discuss background/experience and have a coversation around designing a simple software system. The purpose of this round is to gauge fit and communication skills. 3. 4-6 hrs remote consulting/technical interview on Google Meet with a couple of associates where we explain a real-world financial problem (no prior financial knowledge necessary) and discuss the design before you solve the problem in an Amazon Work Space setup for your use with your language of choice (Java/Python). Candidates are free to chat with the associates throughout the interview to clarify questions. We convene at the end to discuss progress towards the solution. 4. Cultural fit interview with a few associates to help answer any questions about the work and culture at Galatea

Galatea is looking for a Financial Software Engineer to join our growing team!  We are at the center of the digital revolution in finance and are looking for engineers who want to be part of helping to build and improve key systems used by our Capital Market clients. 

As a Financial Software Engineer you will participate in the definition, architecture, and building of strategic systems that facilitate access to trillions of dollars worth of liquidity and capital around the world. In this role you will have the opportunity to do  hands-on programing in addition to  interfacing client relations. 

Access to liquidity and capital makes an incredible difference in people's lives every day by allowing them to make contactless payments, get microcredit loans, buy houses, start small businesses, and more. As a Galatean, you will be a big part of that by providing a direct impact on streamlining these processes and making them more accessible to everyone!

A look into your first year on your client project:
Within the first few months of your first client engagement, you will:
  • Learn about Galatea’s collaborative culture and values and become an active participant in discussions.
  • Be immersed in Galatea’s client-focused delivery approach and the ongoing value-add we provide to our clients everyday.
  • Take ownership of design, implementation, and testing of specific technical tasks.
  • Build an understanding of the finance topics relevant to your project.
  • Within 6 months, you will:
  • Onboard to your first client and start familiarizing yourself with the systems, design and architecture of the project.
  • Begin to establish relationships with client contacts.
  • Start designing technical solutions to larger tasks/problems.
  • Participate in one or two Galatea responsibilities outside of client work (e.g. talent development, recruiting, employee events, employee resources groups).
  • Within 12 months, you will:
  • Be comfortable with the entire architecture of the project.
  • Become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in one or more areas of the project.
  • Be able to work independently on larger tasks from requirements gathering through design and implementation.
  • Form relationships with a couple client contacts and observe interactions of their leads with other client contacts to understand how to approach various situations.
  • About You:
  • Accountable and Curious - You take responsibility and bring intellectual curiosity to all endeavors.
  • Relationship Builder - You form relationships based on mutual respect, diversity of thought, and direct and open communication.
  • Results Driven - You participate in and push for inclusive, team-based, client-focused delivery.
  • Embrace uncertainty - You bring clarity and definition to uncertainty.
  • Leader - You enjoy providing leadership and communicating project goals and timelines with stakeholders and your team. 
  • Problem Solver - You are a problem solver first and a software engineer second.  You thrive in finding solutions when challenged with the organizational silos of our large clients.
  • Client Manager - You delight your clients and form productive long-standing relationships.
  • Business Focused - You don’t just think of yourself as an engineer who is told what to build. You are focused on solving the client’s underlying business problem.
  • Technology Agnostic -  You are a technical polyglot who embraces the diverse set of technologies used by our clients.
  • About Us:
    Headquartered in Somerville, MA and with branch offices in Tampa Bay, Durham, and London, Galatea Associates is a highly-focused software consulting firm that specializes in providing bespoke technical solutions to capital markets firms. At Galatea, our employees know both the business and the IT infrastructure of our clients’ operations and we are uniquely positioned to help bridge the communication gap between the internal business and technical teams for our clients. Our clients call on us to collaborate with them throughout the entirety of project life cycles and we assist them in overcoming whatever challenges they encounter. 

    Why Galatea?
    Our strengths have always been in our people and our core focus is on providing a collaborative environment with highly engaged employees while maintaining impactful delivery to our clients.  We strive to provide transparency into our internal operations and include ideas and feedback from Galateans as company decisions are made.  Our ambitions are high and our people help us to attain our goals year after year!

    Benefits you’ll Love:
    - A positive and collaborative team-based environment.
    - Ability to work with different clients, technologies, and projects while maintaining the stability of knowing and trusting your employer.
    - Interesting Wall Street work within a fun and casual environment.
    - Weekly employer-sponsored catered training  lunches and frequent happy hours.
    - Snacks, snacks and more snacks!  We keep our office fully stocked.

    US Salary Guidelines (will be dependent on relevant skills and/or experience):
    - Recent Graduate (Bachelors degree) - $95K base plus $5K bonus at one year ($100K total first year comp).
    - Recent Graduate (Masters degree) - $100K base plus $5K bonus at one year ($105K total first year comp).

    Additional Item to Note:
    Due to the strong collaborative nature of our culture, this role will be a hybrid model requiring three ‘core’ in office days and two ‘flex’ optional work from home days. 
    - US Offices - 'Core' in-office days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday and Friday are 'flex' optional work from home days
    - UK Office - 'Core' in-office days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday and Friday are 'flex' optional work from home days

    The future is bright at Galatea and we are looking forward to finding the perfect candidate to join our team and help us continue to grow and innovate. We look forward to speaking with you more about this opportunity!

    Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
    I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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