Galatea Associates's Interview Process

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Galatea Associates's Interview Process for Software Engineers

1. Take home technical assessment (can be waived for folks with non-technical background). 2. 30 min Google Meet Interview with a couple of associates to discuss background/experience and have a coversation around designing a simple software system. The purpose of this round is to gauge fit and communication skills. 3. 4-6 hrs remote consulting/technical interview on Google Meet with a couple of associates where we explain a real-world financial problem (no prior financial knowledge necessary) and discuss the design before you solve the problem in an Amazon Work Space setup for your use with your language of choice (Java/Python). Candidates are free to chat with the associates throughout the interview to clarify questions. We convene at the end to discuss progress towards the solution. 4. Cultural fit interview with a few associates to help answer any questions about the work and culture at Galatea

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