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Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

Interview Process

1. No CV required. Anonymized writing assessments. 2. Video chat with founder and future team member about you, the job, and the company. 3. Last video chat is a pair programming for technical roles or more in-depth chat for non-technical roles. 4. Offer.


$100,000 - $175,000 A

Programming Languages Mentioned


We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer to help us scale one of the biggest Postgres-powered Rails majestic monoliths in the world. We are experiencing tremendous growth and have the vision to unblock every development team in the world with our products. 
Buildkite runs on AWS. We recently migrated to immutable infrastructure using Fargate, we're deep into observability using Datadog, and have been improving our deploy tools so multiple teams can safely deploy our monolith multiple times per day. You’ll join our Platform team, supporting our product engineering teams with shared patterns, tooling and processes that help them deliver great software products.

On a typical day, you could be…
Facilitating agreement of acceptable system performance and codifying it in an SLO
Adding a canary stage to our deploy pipeline so mistakes are detected before they impact customers
Consulting with teams to improve how we diagnose and fix the operational aspects of their software systems
Managing cloud infrastructure, monitoring and vendors using terraform and a pull request workflow
Working to manage and improve on-call or incident response processes
Troubleshooting performance issues in production and isolating issues to fix
Video calls with others on the team to discuss or solve problems, or to just say hi
Providing feedback on a GitHub pull request, or responding to feedback left for you
Engineering solutions to improve the reliability and availability of our platform

Skills and experience we like...
Experience with monitoring, assessing and improving the reliability of software maintained by multiple teams
Familiar with patterns for increasing the safety of deploys, like smoke tests, canaries, and blue/green deploys
Enjoy thinking about the challenges of safely deploying both code and config changes
Strong desire to understand the root cause when you see unexpected behaviour in a production system
Strong communicator that values empathy and kindness when articulating your ideas and feelings when writing or speaking
Understand development processes. You are comfortable writing git commits, pull requests and issues. You know how to critique others' code in a positive and productive way, and are comfortable receiving the same sort of feedback
Comfortable working remotely, leveraging asynchronous communication, working by yourself and taking the initiative to improve anything and everything
Learn fast. You might not be an expert in everything we do initially, but you will quickly become an expert in some aspects. You are comfortable diving in and learning things, even if they are new to you

$100,000 - $175,000 AUD
$120,000 - $195,000 NZD 
Generous benefits package
Fully remote working 

Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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