Engineering Manager, Connectivity (India)

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Chennai, India

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Interview Process

1. Phone interview 2. Onsite pair-architecting and discussion

Programming Languages Mentioned

Java, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL

Location: Mode is a remote-first company with cross-functional teams based throughout the US and India. We welcome applicants from all states in India.

Data-driven companies win. Mode provides the tools to make companies data-driven. Data analysts quickly answer business questions using data in a comprehensive, cloud-based toolchain. Business users can understand and explore their company’s data in our world-class visualization product. By serving both analysts and business users, Mode provides the complete solution for data-driven companies.

When you think of Connectivity, think of “Data In”. We focus on the gateway for customer data to get into Mode and all things related to that! We manage several services that help with:

  • Getting customer data from external, customer databases
  • Executing SQL queries to get that data in and pass it to downstream services via JDBC drivers

The future of the Connectivity team is bright! We are working on more diverse ways of getting data into Mode that aren’t limited to JDBC drivers and SQL. Our future goal is to build out an infrastructure to let third parties integrate with Mode directly.

Mode’s engineering team

Come work with a diverse and deeply experienced team. We have colleagues from companies like Google, Tableau, SAS, Apple, Facebook, Glassdoor, and many more. Read about our key engineering values.

Engineers at Mode work in small, cross-functional teams that own specific products and act with high autonomy. We value open discussion, collaboration, and engineering excellence.

Technical Stack 

  • Our applications are written in TypeScript and Javascript on Angular, with a Ruby-on-Rails backend storing data in Postgres
  • Java 11, Go
  • Infrastructure and orchestration: Terraform, Docker, SaltStack, CloudFormation
  • A wide array of AWS services including EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, ECR, ECS
  • Monitoring and observability: Honeycomb, Wavefront, Sumologic, Bugsnag
  • GitHub, Circle CI

What you'll do

  • Mentor, manage and grow a team of engineers
  • Participate in code reviews and technical leadership
  • Define and enforce quality standards and review processes
  • Work cross-functionally with the other members of the engineering and product team to ensure that the team is delivering value to Mode's business
  • Work with engineering leadership to develop career pathing and manage the performance of your team members
  • Contribute to engineering-wide initiatives as part of the engineering management team

What we look for

  • 9-13 years of total experience with 2-3 years of experience managing and building engineering teams
  • Strong software development background with Java
  • Familiarity with database technologies (Relational, Cloud Based, NoSQL, etc)
  • The high degree of empathy and concern for the team and individual outcomes
  • Alignment with Mode's values

Bonus Points 

  • Experience with JDBC or ODBC drivers and Analytics/BI tools is a huge plus!

About Mode

Mode is a collaborative analytics platform that brings teams together around data to make game-changing decisions.

In everything we do, we strive to put the people we do it for first. This starts internally: together we're building a culture that embraces diversity and learning, humility and gratitude. At the same time, we try not to take ourselves too seriously and strive for a healthy balance between work and personal pursuits.

Benefits you can expect as a Mode employee:

  • Generous PTO and family leave
  • Flexible work schedules—we trust you to know what will make yourself most productive
  • Excellent health coverage for team members and their families 
  • Supportive work environment and a manager who is focused on your professional growth


Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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