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Interview Process

1. Programming/debugging phone screen 2. On-site with your own laptop/setup and full access to internet. Interviews include systems design, 45 min practical coding question, integrating an API exercise, debugging, and talking with hiring manager about team alignment.

Programming Languages Mentioned


Who we are

About Stripe

Stripe’s infrastructure powers businesses all over the world. Our customers trust us with their businesses and livelihoods, and every request that stripe handles is critical. We process billions of dollars every year for millions of users, from the largest enterprises to a startup making their first sale. That is why availability, latency and scalability of our systems are all critical to ensure that our customers can confidently depend on Stripe to run and grow their businesses every day.

About the team

The Observability Engineering team at Stripe is responsible for the tooling that enables engineering teams at stripe to monitor their services health to achieve world-class availability and latencies as well as seamless scalability. This involved collecting, streaming, persisting operational data, and proving real time alerting and visualizations on top of it.

What you’ll do

The team is just getting started with an ambitious journey to reimagine the e2e experience, our goal at a high level is to reduce the toil and improve developer productivity. On this journey we plan to leverage and extend familiar open source tooling and build new experiences.

We’re looking for an experienced hands-on front end engineer to help us get the front end project off the ground.


  • Create beautiful web surfaces and interactive dashboard experiences using technologies such as React, JavaScript, CSS and GraphQL
  • Extend Visualization canvases like Grafana to fit Stripe’s use cases.
  • Scope, design, and lead technical projects, laying the groundwork for early-stage products to iteratively evolve and scale
  • Ensure our UI components and libraries are reliable, secure, extensible and accessible
  • Improving frontend tech stack to dramatically reduce load times and bundle size
  • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack with an eye towards improving maintainability over the long term
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the company including engineering, product, operations, finance, data science, accounting, sales, and operations 

Who you are

We're looking for someone who meets the minimum requirements to be considered for the role. If you meet these requirements, you are encouraged to apply. The preferred qualifications are a bonus, not a requirement.

Minimum requirements

  • 5+ years of professional hands-on software development experience  
  • You are product-focused, driving the design, development, and implementation in order to turn a user's pain points into simple and elegant solutions that are loved
  • You are an expert at building web applications using HTML, CSS, and at least one JavaScript framework like React.js, AngularJS or Backbone.js
  • You excel at building data visualizations using libraries like D3.js
  • You develop visualizations that enable engineers and leaders to explore and understand data
  • You take full ownership of a product or feature from concept to launch
  • You have a deep understanding of usability issues in web applications
  • A track record of technically mentoring junior and senior engineers

Preferred qualifications

  • You understand how to present and visualize complex data and/or streaming data
  • You have worked with commercial and/or open-source technologies in the metricsm, log management, distributed tracing, and analytics domains;e.g. LogStash, Splunk, Zipkin, New Relic, etc.

Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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