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California, USA

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Interview Process

1. Phone chat. 2. In-depth discussion about experiences on-site. 3. Occasionally a take home project.

Let’s start with why we exist…

We believe the most important technologies in the world don’t seek your attention, they work for you, they empower you, and they get out of the way, so you can focus your attention on what matters most.

We believe that everything around you should be simpler, faster, and more seamless. We believe in a world where you can control everything around you, by simply being present and having technology do the work for you by turning the mundane into the magical. We believe you should be able to experience the world in personalized ways rich with your preferences and taste, while staying in control of your data and privacy. 

We are creating this world by building your digital Proxy. It’s your identities, your preferences, your ID cards, your wallet, your links to the physical world, augmented and represented by a signal emitted from your smartphone or wearable that tells the world around you who you are, what you want, and how you want it.

We exist to empower you with your digital identity for the physical world. Access more. Share less.

Why this role exists...

  • We are looking for an individual who will be responsible for supporting the design-engineering-manufacturing team to mature product level designs as well as support electronics/automation development efforts for our wearable manufacturing process.
  • The goal is for you to accelerate electronics development - specifically manufacturing fixtures and test equipment that interfaces with automation components (robots, mfg system). 

And so…

  • You will complete the electrical hardware design of Proxy wearable hardware as well as accessories.
  • Drive the manufacturing implementation, support development of manufacturing test equipment, test fixtures, automation equipment and robotics interfaces to backend manufacturing systems. 
  • Work with outside vendors to ensure timely and accurate delivery of PCBAs, FPCAs, and test equipment.
  • Generate schematics/layouts, identify components, bring up boards/systems, coordinate with vendors, and work closely with automation engineers to implement solutions for every aspect of the manufacturing process.
  • Lastly, work on DOEs and research to support development of new consumer electronics projects. 
  • IMPORTANT: You must have the ability to take minimal direction and execute so the rest of the team can focus on other equally important engineering priorities.


  • BS or MS degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Strong demonstrated EE fundamentals
  • Complex system architecture and design experience
  • Experience in flex circuit design 
  • Experience in wearable design (ultra low power electronics)
  • Schematic and FPC/PCB layout design
  • Altium experience preferred
  • Board bring-up, debugging, and failure analysis
  • Manual board assembly and rework skills
  • Electromechanical integration and automation experience is a plus. 
  • Self motivated and driven to solve problems with little direction
  • Curiosity and passion for web3

The opportunity

  • Participate in complex hardware system design with multiple cutting edge technologies.
  • Practise expertise throughout complete hardware design from conceptual design, prototyping to manufacturing. 


*We are open to Contract or Full Time

Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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