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Chicago, IL

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Interview Process

1. Pair programming 2. Take home project (2-4 hours) 3. 3-4 hour final interview with mix of high level technical, product, and cultural/behavioral sessions.


$100k - $135k

Programming Languages Mentioned

SQL, JavaScript

Rocket Travel is looking for an experienced Product Analytics Manager to join our growing team! Though Rocket HQ is based in Chicago’s West Loop, we are a hybrid team and have a flexible work schedule. Though this role will require some presence in the office, partially remote is possible.

In this role, you’ll help solve large meaty problems facing our product team. You’ll work alongside our many teams and product managers, across a number of projects and problems. You’ll get hands-on with our data and analytics, creating inventive ways to tackle ambiguous challenges. You’ll work closely with our data science, biz ops, technology, design, operations, and commercial teams - as well as our sister brands across Booking Holdings - to drive successful product initiatives.

This is a senior individual contributor role, reporting directly to Rocket Product leadership. 

Rocket Travel is a place where you:

  • Work with a group of intrinsically motivated people with a track record for building successful new businesses from scratch.
  • Embody curiosity, community, and accountability. We live and build products by these values every day. 
  • Own decisions and take action that can be implemented in a matter of days (or hours).
  • Get inspired and encouraged to vacation faster, with an annual vacation stipend.
  • Receive a competitive compensation package, including bonus, equity, 401k with match, flexible vacation time, maternity/paternity benefits, health, and dental insurance.
    • Total Compensation is based on experience & negotiable - Salary: $100k - $135k + Bonus: 15% - 30% + Possibility of future equity
  • Can have a flexible work schedule. We have an amazing office in the Chicago West Loop. We have a hybrid team and a flexible work environment.
  • Share your passion for travel with equally adventurous teammates. 
  • Work within the largest online travel company in the world. Rocket Travel creates B2C and B2B2C travel products and is part of Booking Holdings (BKNG). We have many worldwide partners and a diversified business. Despite the world’s current situation, Booking Holdings has been rated the healthiest company in travel, and Rocket itself is already seeing travel demand surpass pre-pandemic levels

As a Product Analytics Manager at Rocket Travel, you will: 

    • Relentlessly tackle problems, ranging from analytical to conceptual, reactive to innovative, customer facing to internal 
  • Own your own outcomes top down, from writing queries to engaging stakeholders to synthesizing solutions and recommendations, you are an owner
  • Make data tell a story, incorporate both qualitative and quantitative customer data to tell compelling stories on “the why” behind “the what”
  • Identify new opportunities through deep dive analyses leveraging user behavioral and transactional data
  • Translate ambiguous, unstructured business problems into actionable data-driven analyses 
  • Size potential impact of new ideas and inform product roadmaps
  • Work closely with data science and business operations to deeply understand our product data  and drive clean collaboration cross-functionally as the overall owner of our product analytics function 
  • Span multiple product teams, connecting various perspectives, data, and insights
  • Work with senior leadership collaboratively to communicate and finalize decisions
  • Discover, learn, iterate, fail, and succeed in the fastest-growing portion of the largest travel tech company in the world

About you:

    • You are a problem solver, equally excited to tackle analytical and conceptual problems; equally comfortable with SQL and supporting ambiguous thought exercises 
    • You are customer and people focused, optimizing the product from user insights, customer engagement, and both qualitative and quantitative data with some exposure to data visualization
    • You are thoughtful, intentional, and decisive, recognizing “how much is good enough” before making a decision
    • You are technically empathetic, understanding the inherent tradeoffs in building technology products, and experienced in working with engineering and data leaders
  • You thrive in data, SQL comes as second nature and you even can upskill those around you
  • You are scrappy, with demonstrated bias to action to get things done, being comfortable analyzing the data available and working in the “art of the possible” 
  • You are strategically-minded, recognizing that even the most practical of solutions are only good if they support a broader vision and direction

About Rocket Travel

We make travel more rewarding than anyone else 

Rocket Travel awards customers for booking travel through our products, allowing people to earn or use loyalty benefits from their favorite loyalty programs.

Our journey

We began in 2013 with the same goal of making travel even more rewarding. This started with our bespoke Rocketmiles website, earning travelers their favorite airline loyalty miles for hotel bookings, and every year since, we’ve advanced our goal.

We now partner with over 60 loyalty programs that travelers can choose from, we build unique partner-branded travel sites, we offer the ability to earn and redeem loyalty rewards, we sit within Booking Holdings—the most experienced Group of travel companies in the world—and we continually grow the number of ways that people can book travel through us, from stays to cars and more.

Travel constantly evolves, opening additional opportunities to create rewarding experiences, and we intend to be at the forefront of building and innovating on those for travelers worldwide.

A diverse and global team

Our teammates work across the globe, in person and remotely. We have offices in Chicago, NYC, Bangkok, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Cebu. No matter where people work, our main team-building goal is to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. We do that with a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, setting DEI hiring goals, investing in employee retention, and conducting regular team training that fosters collaboration and morale.

All of these efforts help ensure that we’re promoting a supportive workplace, where people are motivated to grow professionally and build rewarding travel experiences together. 

Note on general employment requirements

Candidates should be authorized to accept employment in the US from any employer, should be willing to start within three weeks of accepting an offer, and should be able to work the same daily working hours as our Chicago office.

A final word

If the idea of working within an environment that promotes accountability, curiosity, and community to build reward travel products sounds motivating to you, we would love to hear from you—even if you’re unable to meet 100% of the job requirements. We never expect people to have all of the answers, as long as they’re willing and able to learn and grow with us.


Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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