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Remote - Canada

Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

Interview Process

1. Take-home exercise 2. Code review and technical discussions.

Programming Languages Mentioned

Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, C#

Software Engineer at GitHub
Where the world builds software. 

Over 75 million developers globally build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub - the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. We need you to help build GitHub as the home for all developers. 

You’ll work with our distributed team of diverse and passionate engineers, designers, and product managers to design, build, scale, and maintain GitHub’s services around our three product pillars:

Developer Cloud:
Set up a complete engineering system in seconds, contribute from anywhere, collaborate with anyone, and scale without limit. 

  • Actions: Run CI/CD and automate any workflow
  • Packages and npm: Share release artifacts
  • Codespaces: An instant developer laptop with infinite scale
  • Issues: Planning and tracking tool built for developers
  • Pages: Private and public static website publishing

Creator Communities:
We want GitHub to be where you live your best developer life: to contribute, to collaborate, to learn.

  • Pull Requests & Repos: enabling high-quality collaboration to create high-quality code
  • Discussions: Best developer Q&A and forum, a virtual campfire for communities
  • Profile: README for every developer to capture their progress and achievements
  • Sponsors: Open-source economy building new forms of exchange
  • Copilot: Collective intelligence for developers in the editor

Trust by Design:
An interconnected world is a world built on trust. When you're busy building the Next Great Thing, you don't want to worry about the security of your data, much less your development platform. That’s our job.

  • CodeQL & Code Scanning: Automatically find and fix vulnerabilities before merge
  • Advisory database: Create CVEs through our official CNA
  • Dependabot: Automatic pull requests for all your dependencies to keep your code secure
  • Secret Scanning: Automatic scans for known types of secrets to prevent fraudulent use 
  • Policy: Advocate and defend developers worldwide


We value collaboration, empathy, quality, positive impact,and shipping. The most successful candidates will exhibit work that reflects these values. We enable every member on every team to do their best work, and we'll partner to do the same for you. We expect you to have strong problem-solving skills, willingness to learn new technologies, effective communication skills,and a commitment to make everyone on your team feel included.

We recognize the value diversity brings to our teams and our products, so creating (and maintaining) an environment where every individual feels safe to bring their unique perspective to the challenges we're solving is important to us.

A day in the life of a Software Engineer on the team:
Our teams are fully remote and distributed across the world which means that we greatly value asynchronous collaboration and documentation. Your typical week would include:

  • Collaborating with product managers, designers, and support to understand the problems we want to solve, exploring how we can solve them, and what our users have said about the problems and solutions so far
  • Discussing and collaboratively solving engineering and product problems with other engineers in GitHub Issues and PRs, Slack, or Zoom
  • Opening a Pull Request to implement the next most important feature or task, or fix the most critical bug and resolving suggestions in your code reviews
  • Identifying and prioritizing the highest-value work, contributing to both engineering improvements and developer joy
  • Responding to issues and review requests from other teams at GitHub and modeling/teaching best practices around this to peers
  • Working with your engineering manager in your one-on-one meetings to grow your team and career
  • Rotating responsibilities for oncall and improving the oncall process

We are looking for experience software engineers with the following skills and experience: 

  • Strong written communication skills
  • 2+ years of professional experience with Ruby on Rails or Go
    • OR, some experience with Ruby / Go plus 3+ years professional experience using one of C#, Java, TypeScript, Python, or Rust as a backend or full stack engineer
  • Familiarity with Git
  • Ability to learn and think critically about both system design and software engineering concepts and blend those perspectives pragmatically based on project needs
  • Experience building, operating and maintaining resilient, scalable distributed services
  • Knowledge of testing, profiling, and debugging practices
  • Strong pairing skills

Please note that this application is for GitHub Engineering and you may have the opportunity to be considered for multiple teams.

Ability to meet GitHub, customer and/or government security screening requirements are required for this role. These requirements include, but are not limited to the following specialized security screenings:  Microsoft Cloud Background Check: This position will be required to pass the Microsoft, GitHub’s parent company, Cloud Screen upon hire/transfer and every two years thereafter.


Who We Are:

GitHub is the developer company. We make it easier for developers to be developers: to work together, to solve challenging problems, and to create the world’s most important technologies. We foster a collaborative community that can come together—as individuals and in teams—to create the future of software and make a difference in the world.

Leadership Principles:

Customer Obsessed - Trust by Default - Ship to Learn - Own the Outcome - Growth Mindset - Global Product, Global Team - Anything is Possible - Practice Kindness

Why You Should Join:

At GitHub, we constantly strive to create an environment that allows our employees (Hubbers) to do the best work of their lives. We've designed one of the coolest workspaces in San Francisco (HQ), where many Hubbers work, snack, and create daily. The rest of our Hubbers work remotely around the globe. Check out an updated list of where we can hire here:

We are also committed to keeping Hubbers healthy, motivated, focused and creative. We've designed our top-notch benefits program with these goals in mind. In a nutshell, we've built a place where we truly love working, we think you will too.

GitHub is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. We embrace diversity and invite applications from people of all walks of life. We don't discriminate against employees or applicants based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, pregnancy status, veteran status, or any other differences. Also, if you have a disability, please let us know if there's any way we can make the interview process better for you; we're happy to accommodate!

Please note that benefits vary by country. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your Talent Partner.


Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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