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Interview Process

1. Informational phone screen with Eng leadership 2. Take home project 3. On-site interviews

Programming Languages Mentioned

JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Golang, Python

About the Job:

As a Software Engineer focussed on internal developer enablement, you will optimize and expand our internal shared development and deployment tooling so our nearly one hundred developers can achieve peak productivity. Your responsibilities would include helping manage and improve our continuous integration and deployment infrastructure, extending our tooling to eliminate toilsome developer tasks, and maintaining and improving code libraries shared by our software team. We're looking for someone who cares deeply about streamlining the developer experience. We believe in the power of Feature Management, so you can also plan on helping to develop best practices for use of our own Feature Flag system, as well as any future products.

Our platform serves over twenty trillion feature flags daily. The core technologies we use include Golang, NodeJS, CircleCI, Okteto, Spinnaker, Rust, AWS, Terraform, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, CockroachDB, and NATS. As part of our you-build-it-you-run-it culture, all developers may be responsible for supporting applications in production, including on-call. Off-hours on-call is optional and compensated in addition.

What You'll Get to Do

  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes.

  • Maintain and improve shared libraries across our codebase.

  • Monitor and improve our DORA metrics, notably lead time and deployment frequency, for multiple services.

  • Build and maintain infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

  • Actively participate in code reviews.

  • Write and review technical proposals.

  • Ensure newly hired engineers ramp up quickly.

  • Collaborate daily with developers from across the engineering organization.

  • Participate in engineering-wide tech-debt focus weeks and hack-a-thons.

On day one, you should have:

  • Experience with server-side web development (e.g. in Java / Scala, Ruby, Python, Golang, Node.js).

  • A commitment to working in a communicative and collaborative environment.

  • An unshakeable need to eliminate toil.

  • Empathy for the customers of the tooling you will build and maintain.

Bonus Points

  • You’ve written your own open-source developer tools.

  • React tooling’s your thing.


About LaunchDarkly:

LaunchDarkly is a Feature Management Platform that serves over 20 Trillion feature flags daily to help software teams build better software, faster. Feature flagging is an industry standard methodology of wrapping a new or risky section of code or infrastructure change with a flag. Each flag can easily be turned off independent of code deployment (aka "dark launching"). LaunchDarkly has SDKs for all major web and mobile platforms. We are building a diverse team so that we can offer robust products and services. Our team culture is dynamic, friendly, and supportive. Our headquarters are in Oakland.

At LaunchDarkly, we believe in the power of teams. We're building a team that is humble, open, collaborative, respectful and kind. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Don't let the confidence gap get in the way of applying! We'd love to hear from you.

We've partnered with KeyValues to help demonstrate the amazing culture we've built here at LaunchDarkly, find more info at

LaunchDarkly is also committed to giving back to our community and is a part of Pledge 1%, an organization that helps companies make this a priority. Through this initiative and its charitable arm, the LaunchDarkly Foundation, the company is committed to such causes as supporting education for the underserved, homelessness relief and moving towards having a net-zero carbon footprint. You can find more about the LaunchDarkly Foundation and the organizations we serve at


Please mention No Whiteboard if you apply!
I'm a one-man team looking to improve tech interviews, and could use any support! 😄

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