Leaf Logistics's Interview Process

Looking to get some insight into the job interview process at Leaf Logistics? We'll walk you through the process so you can best prepare for the interview! Want to see their available roles? Read on to get an inside look!

Leaf Logistics's Interview Process for Software Engineers

1. 30 min screen w/ a lead engineer, discussing the company, role expectations, salary expectations, and interview process. 2. Candidate can choose from 3 options 1) 60-120 min assignment in any language/framework. Doesn't have to be perfect, and will test basic understanding of software engineering 2) Candidate can share open-source code or assignements from other companies 3) Discuss code we're working on right now (new functionality/bug) 4)Exceptional candidates can skip this step and have a 60 min discussion with the lead engineer and another team lead 3. 20 min call discussing the code provided and general tech discussion 4. 60 min call w/ CTO discussing the business domain, the company, and salary details

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